Author Ian Cooper commissioned me to design the cover for his book 'The Immortal Harlequin'. It is a biography of Rugby player Adrian Stoop. The colour theme derives from the Rugby team flag and the images in the title are all of the infamous Stoop.

You can view the ebook version here.

This is the UK paperback version of Broken. It falls under erotic fiction and was published under Mills&Boon Spice. The idea was to stear away from the conventional 'black background and single object' style seen uncountable times after the biggest success of erotic fiction in years. Previously to the release of the print book, an ebook series of this story has been released in eight parts.

See ebook covers here.

This is the UK paperback version of Ink. It is a Teenage fiction novel and has been published under Mira Ink. The illustration and title have been taken from the US version and designed into a new cover for the UK market. The author's signature has been altered.

Adorkable was published by Little Browns Book Group under the imprint 'Atom' for Teen fiction. The hand drawn illustrations have been rendered digitally and mixed in with the photography.


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