Each logo has been uniquely tailored to the project at hand. identities vary from entrepreneurs to companies. By clicking on the logo, the website of the brand can will be loaded in a new window, when available.

The Ravenous Beast Logo

The Ravenous Beast is the brand name of a food critic based in London and NYC. First the logo was designed, then the website followed.

Focused Strength Logo

Focused Strength is the business of a personal trainer. as the brand implies, it's all about strength: weightlifting.

Carina Logo

digital imprint Carina belonging to Harper Collins (formerly Harlequin UK). Branding implemented on ebooks covers, social media, website and all printed marketing material.

Renta Mayores Logo

Renta Mayores is an insurance company for elderly people. The concept for the logo inspired the design of the website.

Book Carbon Logo

Book carbon is a project accessable only by publishers. little brown (uk book publisher) started this project to measure the amount of carbon generated when producing books.

Awtizan An MWen Logo

Awtizan An Mwen is still under construction and discretion. The concept is to create a platform that will benefit communities in the caribbeans.

DJ Rico Logo

Logo design for music producer and dj.

Isabella Caldart Logo

Logo design for journalist and writer.

London Innit Logo

london innit's brand identity started with the logo design and ran across social media and website.

Ssanyu Digital Marketing

ssanyu is a digital marketing consultancy based in london. website is under construction.


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