Cartography is the art of drawing maps which was a highly sought after skills in the past. Now with Google Maps (and other pages) available and accessible from any device with internet connection, this skill seems to be antique.

I've always had a fable for maps and so I felt very lucky to have been comissioned by Quintessence for this little project. I was asked to trace these two ancient maps for this wonderful book 'Archaeology: The Whole Story' published by Thames & Hudson. If you're curious now and would like to find out more, have a look at the link below. Be aware, the book will only be available from September 2017.

View the book here:
'Archaeology: The Whole Story'
UK Version by thames & hudson

This is the picture of the original map of the Assyrian empire from the late 8th century.

This is my digital illustration, tracing the original map.

This is the picture of the original map of the Sardis urban plan.

This is my digital tracing outcome of the original map.


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