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App Store Ready

Emjoy is an app made for women to unfold their true sexual potential. The startup is preparing to launch the app on the US & UK market. I enhanced their brand identity by creating a coherent style based on the app's appearance. And this style was applied to all other marketing platforms.

The apps' interface had already been established. I started with introducing a colour palette & their use of typography and created moodboards with images that would fall in line with the branding.

User Interface Design

My next approach was to come up with some design ideas and concepts for the user interface.

Instead of having a pop-up with instructions everytime the user opens the app, I came up with an instruction notification, that once explains the important bar at the top of the screen. Here the user switches between "on the go" and "in private" before starting the audio sessions.

Based on the wireframes drawing, I've created the screen layout and elements in Sketch.
I drew icons in Illustrator to implement in the UI of the 'Are you sure?' app screen.

Another screen design in Sketch: a motivational message for completing a session and introducing the next audio episode. A variation of layout and UI elements build with photography and drawings/emoji.

App & Play store

Based on the guidelines I designed a few layouts for the app store.
As a team we began to define the chore message of the app and who its audience will be.

Final app store mock-up

The design with rounded shapes impressed the most and we decided to give it a continous flow throughout the slides of the app store. For a/b testing purposes, we decided to try out two styles: One with the brand colours and skin tones and the second with a funky 80's style pattern.

Playstore: Android version

A funky neon green pattern style for the Playstore

App Store: iOS version

Natural soft colours including brand colours for the App Store

Social media

Now that the identity style had been established, I created banners for the Facebook and Twitter.

Brand elements

I've added block coloured shapes to the background of the preview screens to enhance the identity.

Landing page

The Landing page had to be improved and I've built the layout based on these wireframes.

This is the final design of the Landing page to promote the app. It's a mobile first website (see below). The shapes, the colours & the typography bring the brand to life. To give it an additional touch I've made digital drawings for the Landing page and the blog. I've created the layout in Wordpress with a page builder plugin.


These are the illustrations I've created in Illustrator and with a Wacom tablet.


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